Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tomorrow........A Mystery???

Whenever my emotions are high up on me, I try to escape in the land of book. Fascinated by the land of can see that i am a total book lover. Always waiting for that one captivating story that will help me find an answer, or take me something bigger and something beyond me. I like to get along with the novel, into whichever imaginary world it takes me to. Sometimes this flying far off from 'now' helps me compose myself for the next event.
Sometimes, while reading I wonder whether it would happen in reality, or how I would be if I was in place of that person in the novel. I feel that this gateway is opened for an escape, an escape out of reality....even if that is for a little while. But, while wondering, I also think whether this escape is good or not? Taken time to think over it, even then it is difficult to reason it out. If life was like the novels stated, maybe we would be different.....or maybe life is a novel and tomorrow is just a page turn. Like life now is the page opened in my novel right now. Yesterday is a page turned, something on which today is based on. Like today is the foundation for our tomorrow.

Every little of our action today is getting ready to wind itself to form a perfect tomorrow. This tomorrow can not be predicted for it is us who can make it by our now. Living in the present
might be the key for it. Living now - yes, but making sure that we are planning along for our tomorrow must go hand in hand. I am hinting at a novel with this blog post, it is 'The Book Of Tomorrow' by Cecilia Ahern that got me to think about tomorrow. A tomorrow that depends upon today.
One thing I still can't really figure out is whether tomorrow can be changed? For I know that everyone has their entries and exits on this stage of life planned by that supernatural power, but is it us planning our days between entries and exits?
Out of that topic of discussion......what would we be if we knew our tomorrows....If we knew the exact events. Would we know what to do, or how to change the wrong? Would we do something to control what might happen tomorrow? If we could, would we change what is already printed on the paper of tomorrow? Is whatever that we change affect the whole story written for us? If there was one thing that I could change in my life.....will I? Now that you are reading this, try asking these questions to yourself. Think of that one thing you could change from your older pages of the story....and think how today will be different....think how tomorrow might have changed......think how the distant future be. After a huge mind babble and a high head of thought, I think that I would like my tomorrow to be a mystery...a mystery that life will eventually unfold in front of me. I wouldn't like to change anything for I might not have or might not be what I am today.
So....all I can get to the conclusion is that live in in today. Forget about the past and be prepared about the future. And let life remain that unsolved mystery.......sometimes that holds more fun than everything laid out in front.