Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Change; Let's Love it! (Inspired by Niall Horan)

I was watching One Direction’s interview on daybreak and let’s just say, the 1D boys are hilarious! During the interview, the interviewee asked what the boys thought of the new panel of judges for the X Factor and how, many people were saying that this change wasn’t good. As a reply to that, Niall Horan said, “People don’t want to see the change but when the change happens; they love it”, and this line has been stuck in my head since I saw the interview.
Is change good or bad, desired or not? 

Well, thinking back on the line, it really is true. At first we do not wish for the change, but when the change happens we learn to accept it. We learn from it, experience from it, and definitely love it at the end.

Here I am going to put forth a few examples that were inside my head while writing this post:
1) When my Social Science teacher got changed, the whole class moaned. Everyone thought that we wanted our old teacher back. Soon we got used to the teaching pattern of our new teacher and somewhere started enjoying the change!
2) One Direction; the band was formed in X Factor UK. The formation of the band was a change for the five individual singers, but taking it in good spirits, now, they love the change!
3) India became a democracy, and now is the biggest democracy in the world! It was a change for Indians, but I bet nobody moaned when this change took place.
4) About one or two years back, the CBSE education system changed in India. I remember getting irritated when we got to know about the CCE system, but now I am used to it. I know how to divide my time, I’ve learnt many different things that I never thought I would have from the normal education system and am starting to enjoy the grading system.

So, change is good! Or at least, we should know that whatever is happening definitely has a reason behind it.
Maybe not EVERY change is good, but just a little tweak here and there won’t turn our lives upside down!

Here is the link to 1D's full daybreak interview! 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Irish Inspiration; Niall Horan!

All around us, we see people who can inspire us. Each and every individual has a characteristic that is admired, maybe not by all, but definitely by a few!
Today, I am going to talk about Niall Horan. Many of us know him as one fifth of One Direction, a British – Irish boyband that came into existence during X-Factor UK! They finished third on the seventh series of ITV reality talent The X Factor. Following The X Factor, the group signed a £2,000,000 record contract with Syco.

The boyband consists of members (age wise): Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Harry Styles.
Today, 13th September 2011, Niall Horan turns 18! Wishing you a very happy birthday Niall! J

Here is a little birthday tribute to a person who teaches me every time to keep following my dreams and to never give up.

Niall Horan, a contestant in the X Factor UK, stole the hearts of the judges in his first audition. Soon, a decision was made by the judges where the five boys and four girls were put into two separate bands, a boyband and a girlband. The boyband was named One Direction (by Harry Styles) and they ended as the second runner’s up.
Certain things happen in life for a reason, and when we look back at that, we find the true reason of all happening. The contestant who came to become a singer, to be acknowledged, who never had any thought of being in a band, is now doing amazing as a part of One Direction!

So, let life bring us the treat! Everything that happens, happens for a reason! J