Sunday, June 17, 2012

Daddy, you are the best!

I see you smile through your eyes,
then I look at you and realize,
that you have been there with me all along,
and when I cried, you sang me a merry song.                    

You cradled me in your arms and drove me around,
when there was a need to make me sleep sound.
I might have been cranky and a little destructive,
but you never scolded me, instead called my actions productive!

You made me understand and learn,
that respect is something we have to earn.
Even a simple and small action for someone in need,
if from the heart, will be counted as a good deed.

You made me who I am today,
and for that I have only one thing to say,
Dear father, I will one day impress you in chess,
your love and blessings will guarantee my success.

Thank you for always being there,
making sure to give me proper love and care.
Our friendship is like Shin Chan and Shiro (a very weird parallelism, i know)
Dear father, you are my superhero!

            I love you till cow lays eggs
                           Daddy, you are the best!