Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Hero Lives; Independence Day 2012

I am not a relative of a warrior, but I do believe that there is a hero in everyone. Here is a short excerpt that I have written about the grief felt by someone on the loss of a relative in war. I have not felt it myself, but I believe this short writing expresses my feelings as if I am in the shoes of the protagonist.

A Hero Lives

With a stinging eye and tears welling in my eyes, I sit down to write this feeling of distraught. Even though this pain is not physical, it stings like a leech which was just laid on my skin. I feel myself burn and crumple to the ground. The meaning of life is lost.
I am oblivious to emotions, the pain, the suffering. But he, he died a hero. The child that dwells within me knows that his father will always be there with us. He died in mid air, trying to save his country from the evils of war.
The country will get other fighters, more heroes, but soon these heroes would have a battle for life too. They all have families awaiting them, a wife with her one month old child cradled in her arms; not sure whether the baby will ever see its father. This is the time that peace came. Not guns, not bombs and not war or fight, but let talk sort out differences.
When my baby boy is born, he will be as daring as his father. When I feel him move inside my belly, I know that he will be the most respectful and understanding person I have ever known. And, his father, wherever he may be, will always be a part of him, and a part of me.

Everyday many fighters go to war, and leave their lives at gunpoint. On this Independence Day, while we are celebrating our independence and freedom, these soldiers are out there protecting our freedom. I take this platform, this blog, to salute all those who have their life on the field of war. I also wish that the differences would be talked out rather than fought with guns. Because after all, pen is mightier than the sword.
God, the one who created us, did not send us down divided. We are all united, in one same way, we were all sent down on the earth mysteriously. Even with all scientific discoveries of how we are born, and how a single cell gives rise to us, the mystery of why we are here is still unresolved.
I would like to sign off by saying that some mysteries are better left unanswered and that every disagreement can be talked out.

I salute all the families who have been through grievances as they lost their loved ones at war. I salute all those families who still stay strong. I salute all the soldiers fighting to help me be safe where I live. I salute you and wish you a happy Independence Day.