Saturday, October 13, 2012


A new silence has been found
with that, comes a new sound
Dawned upon you is the life of possibility 
and the world is not short of amiability

We all are rocking in the same boat
trying hard to stay afloat
But this journey can be fun
when you let yourself shine
under the golden Sun

Leaving footprints in the sand
walking together hand in hand
There is not a doubt
of rain from this glistening cloud

And when it pours
we will always find an open door
A helping hand to get us through
make us better and brand new

We must learn to return the favour
by passing it to another who needs to add flavour
In our lives we must learn 
that giving can also be fun

It is when we give from our heart
can we instill a beautiful fresh start
For you and for me
and for everyone to see!

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

We are the future, the Next as they say!

Hello Readers!

Here is a poem that I have written about how 'we' are the future. How we often judge too quickly, how our decision making is not always right, how we might sometimes work with anger, pick and choose with anger. But this is also about how we can transform the world. This is the time to wake up to the calling of the future. To save what we have inherited from our ancestors and preserve what we have borrowed from the generation that is yet to come.   

Of the world, we know not much
But our education makes us judge
Judge every move, every turn
But when it is our chance, we run.

We glide, slide and ignore
What has been ruined, and ruin it some more
Every chance we get, we waste
Of life, we need to get a taste.

Every slippery road we travel
The truth, we must unravel
Change life, turn it around
For there is good, and it must be found.

Express our opinions and our views
Instead of everyday hitting snooze
On our alarm clock a button must be made
'Wake up' the world needs your Aid! 

We are the future, the next as they say
And we need to protect the world from turning grey
A hint of colour is what we need
And curb away a man's greed

The world needs a change
From all that is strange
It is us who have to turn things sweet
And transform the world that is filled with deceit! 

Of the world, we know not much
But when we have the chance to judge
We are tigers just stepping out of our cage
We must be optimistic and not filled with rage.

To the people, everywhere
Sing the song and let them know you care
'Coz we are the next, as they say
Let's prevent the world from turning grey! 

Hope you liked the poem!
Feel free to comment and express your views! :)