Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me

"Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me...." I have been thinking a lot about this proverb lately. Is it true, do the words really don't matter??? If a friend will say something to me, most hurtful, and it won't matter?

Do we have to make ourselves so strong that we can not be hurt by anyone's awful words? The answer is yes! Those who say awful words to you are either not your friends or they are so close to you that they want something good for you. If our young mind will be so fragile that it will break w
ith words......then what will sustain our hearts? Love is something that we all need in life to grow, and sometimes words, bad ones weaken this love.

Don't ever let them weaken you from the inside or the outside. Take in the positive and move on! Life will be with ups and downs and we have got to sustain ourselves in all conditions that follow. Just a little say here and there and you are sitting in your room and crying! We have a lot of salt water here so don't flood it more with your tears!

Remember that in life sometimes we have to let everything out! Words are made without the thought of hurt or is just the way you say
them that makes all the difference. If you call your friend and say that you are glad to have them in your life - their face would glow with a wide smile. But, if you say that you don't like their company they would feel empty and sad. So many times the one feeling this emptiness is you!

Why??? Isn't it up to us what to listen to and what to not? God has provided us with two ears and a brain in between.Hear from one ear, retain what is needed in the processing unit aka the brain and throw out the rest from the other ear. Use the filter of wisdom!

If we include this practice then words will never hurt us, they won't break our hearts and won't steal our joy! Have fun FORGIVE AND FORGET! Enjoy life to the fullest and be carefree.

Take a deep breath and let go!


meenali said...

A very inspiring blog srishti!!!!!Actually u have imbibed the true words of wisdom so well within u that i am so sure life will be full of joy for u ahead!!
When your dad was prompting me to read your blog...i felt shy atfirst as to how my little young niece can be more wise than me!!But after reading your blog...i have found a new direction in my life....a new reason to look forward and believe in myself! I know now that we need to be selective in life...and take in the good and reject the rest . I will do it too!Thamks a ton!!!

Dr.A.K.Srivastava said...

Dear Sristhi!

Wonerful. Nice to learn,understand and practice.

Once an English-man,who was very up-set with the way things were going on in India during war of independence under GandhiJi's leadership,wrote a very nasty 8 page letter,ful of abuses to Mahatma Gandhi.On its arrival at Sabarmati Ashram, Gandhi Ji opened the letter,read it patiently and in full.Finally,he pulled-out the alpin from the letter,kept it separately for future use and thrown the whole letter in the dust-bin.On enquiry from his PA, he told that he did preserve the most valuable thing out of the whole of letter and rest was a waste.

If we learn to know to screen/find out the use ful things,which happen to come across our way and use/re-use them,with-out any ill feeling about the rest,it must help us to concentrate on our goals and thus the success.

Srishti said...

Thank u massi and uncle!
@Massi - I'm really glad that my blog post was thought provoking for u!

@Uncle - Always moving on is d key to life. I like a lot of Gandhi Ji's thoughts and inspire from them. This one will come in handy someday! He did keep d most valuable with him and moved on! :)

Dr.J.C.Batra said...

We get what we give.We reap what we sow.If we want tobe loved than we must love.If we through a stone ,the stone will be thrown at us.If we offer flowers ,we get flowers in return.So be careful what you think,thoughts turn into action,and actions,alone determine what reward we get.Srishti we are proudof you.Your actions speak louder than words.

Anonymous said...

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