Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Aladdin | Movie Review

Be a prince, princess, king, queen, but most importantly Be You.
Hey everyone! I will be reviewing one of the most beautiful movies ever made, Aladdin. Disney has been great in sharing with us folk tales and stories from centuries past, and all of them have a special message to convey.
Aladdin is a story about a young boy, a ‘street rat’ who survives on petty thievery to fill his stomach. He along with his friend Abu, live like nomads, always on the move. But his nature is beautiful. He is caring, loving, charming and his looks are to die for! Then there is princess Jasmine, beautiful, sweet and a strong minded woman. Her father, the Sultan wants to marry her off but according to the scriptures, she needs to be married to a prince.
A parallel story is of Jafar, the advisor to the palace. He is crude and manipulative. He wishes to seek a magic lamp, but for that he needs Aladdin. However, when Aladdin gets the possession of the magic lamp, he meets Genie. Genie is there to grant Aladdin his wishes. And Aladdin wishes to be a prince, so he can happily marry his true love, Princess Jasmine.
And I am sure, by now you know how the story goes. I am here to share with you a few things that I learnt from this movie/story.
tumblr_m104anjWhw1rogs7xo1_500The Genie is a representation of the Universe. The whole Universe is your wish granting factory, all you have to do is ask for that wish, and believe that it will happen. You also learn that on achieving what you ask for, it is important to appreciate it, to work for it, to know that it can only truly be yours by hard work.

The second most important thing is that this society has made up a hierarchy. Love is a very delicate feeling, an emotion, and for that our society has bars. There is a social hierarchy and you can only fall in love with someone based on their lifestyle and prosperity. It is important to see the richness of the heart. The richest may not be the strongest of heart.
You will face many obstacles in life, but to face them head on and to have strength will help conquer the toughest of situations. :)
A lesson that we are taught right from the start: Sharing is caring. All of us learn to share, in school, we share lunch, as we grow older, we share notes or clothes and so on. However, this simple lesson is very easy to slip, and there is a subtle yet beautiful reminder in the movie.
tumblr_inline_mw7r03niYj1ro20drThe seemingly normal lamp had a treasure so big that one can’t even fathom. The Genie in the lamp signifies that it is not what is outside, but what is inside that counts. So, never judge a book by its cover.

And also, at the end of them, truth is always the best solution. You will keep piling on lies one over the other, and it will get you nowhere. However, the truth has to come out in the end anyways, so why worry, just tell the truth, whatever has to happen, will happen.
Also, while you're here, why don't you revisit your childhood and listen to the most beautiful song ever? Here's a link:

CheersSrish. xx