Tuesday, June 21, 2011

True love?

As I sit down to write this post, in the middle of the night, I wonder if true love really exists. We have read it novels, seen it in movies but have never experienced it. For me, love is a relation I have with my parents. Even though I was given this relation from the very beginning, without a choice, I accepted it. That, for me now, is true love. An experience, which many kids don't get to have. I will always be grateful to God for that, for letting me rejoice in that experience.
What I sometimes feel is the bondage of love to our life. Life is nothing without love, just like love is nothing without life. Sometimes, being a teen I have realized, we do feel heartbroken. Heartbroken that we are not accepted, that we are different, that we get the feeling like we don't belong. But the truth is, if we just open our eyes, out to the world, we will know how much we are accepted and loved. How much everyone cares for us and how good life is.
As most of the people will think that when I say 'true love' I am directing my thoughts to a "girl/boy relationship" .It is not that. I am directing my thought to a relationship in general. A relation between parents and their child, one between two best friends, something between a husband and a wife. Sometimes, all we need to do is accept. Once we accept, we do feel accepted as well.
When we expect something, then we keep a bar, something like a judgement bar. So, when something is not upto our expectations, we question our own judgement. If we don't expect, then there is nothing that will be felt unrewarded. Love is just like a reward. Giving love is unconditional, but as soon as we start having expectations, conditions are put. These conditions are like the acid that corrodes the metal, where metal is the relationship. Take this for example, when a baby is born, there is unconditional love between the mother and the child. The mother is just giving, giving the child love. At that stage, the child doesn't understand love but still feels it. Sometimes shows it by pooping all over his mama's lap. But, in all this, the mother never expects that love back.
That is what it is. Accept and you will feel accepted. True love is there, out there, in front of you. For some, true love stands in music, for some in literature and for millions of others in another person. But love, sure exists.
So, when we give and don't expect, we might just get surprised with what we get! 

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Just today, I decided to know a little more about one of my favourite rappers, “Eminem”. Shocked by what I read and heard about him, I think he is the best inspiration for standing back up whenever life knocks us down.
Marshall Mathers III, commonly known as Eminem and by his alter ego Slim Shady is a true inspiration. He was born in a family with not many resources. Left by his father at 18 months old, Eminem was raised by a single mother moving from state to state. He changed schools, repeated grade nine thrice and then dropped out.
He had an artistic talent for the African American singing style called Rap music, and he excelled in that. He struggled in his personal life with his wife, Kimberly and had to go through a divorce twice. His life couldn’t be worse and that’s when he indulged into drugs. He has been outspoken about the use and going into rehab. During this period he admitted that at the height of his addiction, he considered suicide, saying that, "I just wasn't taking care of myself; at times I wanted to just give it up.
But, life moves on. He came back and with all his strength stood back up. He had turned the clock around. With his album ‘Recovery’ he came back. He had recovered. The best way to recover was to admit that there was something wrong and to make things right, he had to work for himself. He did not give up, and now he’s the number one on our iPods and mp3 players. If you have listened to his single ‘Not Afraid’ you will know that he is ready to give a helping hand.
After being 2 hrs away from death, he knew what was right for him. Life had knocked him down, hit him hard in the face, but he recovered. That’s what we all need to do, recover. Fate is just not those lines on our hands, it is what we make of our lives. Stand up, it’s time you show your true self. Life will knock us down, but we need to fight back up.
Always have faith in who you trust. Just like an infant, who trusts the mother’s lap for everything. Who feels safety in the mother’s arms, the affection in her touch.

Always stay strong. Life is full of challenges, and each day is a puzzle to be solved. J