Monday, March 19, 2012

Dear God....What were you thinking?

What did HE think?

God made me, God made you, He made everything and everyone. But what did he think while deciding where each one of us would go.

Was he playing a board game with himself?Trying to move the pieces around, hoping to make a connection. I don't really know, but then why did He make all of us so different?Why did he decide to place me in India and not in Austria or England or even Canada. Why is it that we are white brown or black but not purple, green or pink(or even blue like in Avatar)?

How did He decide we all would meet on this earth? Creating blood bond relations and amazing friends. How did He make sure that we would meet the right people at the right time? Tell me how did He decide who is perfect for the other? Wonder if He has an action plan. Or maybe, He is a spy on a mission, taking this world under His control and trying to find something. I wonder if we are small chess pieces on a board to Him. While He is trying to strategically move each piece, sitting there right now, deciding on His next move. I wonder who He is playing against.

I wonder what He wonders about me....

Everyone Will Shine!

Here is a small poem that I wrote on poverty, hunger and how if we all will work together, we can remove this devil. How one day, everyone will have a chance to shine in the glory!

I would bid a million for those smiles
For together we can conquer the world and walk for a hundred miles
If I hold your hand, and if you hold mine
We can make a change for those who can't even dine
One day, everyone will shine

We can walk together, talk together and work together
Make a change in this world forever
For then he would not have to starve on the street
Nor have the heating ground burn his feet
He has no shoes, no slippers, no socks
And no means, for when he is sick to take him to the docs (doctors)

And we just sit there, watching, sipping on our wine
But, One day, everyone will shine

If we start from ourselves, we can make a difference
The challenge needs to be accepted
The arms of poverty need to be rested
For then the homeless, poor and the rich
Are all equal, eating in the same dish
Like diamonds, they are precious
And for their benefit, we all need to be ambitious

For together, hand in hand we will stay in line
Because One day, everyone will shine