Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Touch The Sky

It was the fear that made me begin, the temptation that made me continue, but in the end, all that mattered was the determination. The three words, fear, temptation and determination are very close to one another. For when we are fearful, it is only then can we conquer it and move ahead. “I do not fear anything in the world”, well then, how will I ever move forward.

I am afraid of heights. Actually, scratch that. I am not afraid of heights, but I am afraid of falling from them. Truthfully, who wouldn’t be? If someone asked me to walk on a thin rope across a long distance, without a harness while I am 50 metres above the ground, I would freak! Now that I think over it again, when I am up in the air, without a harness, I am not afraid of falling down either, the thing that I fear in that situation is death.

Many people say, ‘Why fear death?’ I agree. What has to happen, will eventually happen. However, I also believe in creating your own destiny. For instance, imagine a tobacco consumer. That consumer understands that the tobacco will harm their lungs; however, they still chose to have it. Then, it is not the natural or human cause instigating death; it is the individual’s own actions. This individual is creating their own destiny in a negative direction.

I will fly, chase the wind and touch the sky
Now, imagine a happy man. When this happy man strives for things in life and applies his dedication and hard work to the little things that he does, he builds a future for himself. He builds a destiny, a goal and instigates a positive atmosphere. Then, when that man spreads his wings in the air, smiles heavenwards and says, “Why fear death?”, I believe him.

I was fearful of heights once, but I had a temptation to touch the sky. I still strive for it, and now, I am determined to reach it. I am not afraid of falling anymore, for now I know that the arms of faith and hope are there to catch me if I do. And if I do fall, I will try again, work harder and never let my determination falter. And one day, I will reach my destiny!