Saturday, October 22, 2011

Human Monkeys?

Okay, after a long break, now I am back to blogging. But, today, I have a lot more to say other than just humans. Let's talk about our origin- no, I’m not talking about how we came from our mothers' womb. I am talking about monkeys!

Many believe that we have originated from monkeys, obviously giving to our similarities...the mouth, ears, eyes.....other than the tail; almost everything about humans and monkeys is similar.

Now, you might think why Srishti is talking about monkeys!?!?!? Well friends, while coming back from a relative's house, on my way back, I came across a monkey. Other than the fact that he had broken a few of our food containers (in desperate search of food, I suppose) and also made our air cooler do an air flip and crash at the ground, there was one thing which was, pretty usual to monkeys and as intriguing as it sounds, usual to humans as well. There is a domestic maid in my area who brings food and hangs it outside the railing while she is busy working to earn in the neighbor’s house to support her family. The monkey jumped to the railing, opened the packet the maid had wrapped around an Indian bread and he started munching on it merrily.

This was her hard earned money in the stomach of a monkey. If you look at it in another way, it is happening everyday with us. Monkey or not, another human is ready to munch in the plate of our deserts! Somebody else is ready to butt in and take the credit for our work. And hence, I can say, there is a down low in our society....the human society in general. Let us all not become monkeys and be happy with what we are getting in our plates.

And of course, how can we act like monkeys if we are humans?