Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Connecting the World 2.0

 Social Networking sites, the hub of millions of users, where each second one sees a new string of status updates, is soon losing its importance. The random game requests, Farmville, being the most famous of them all, and continued notifications that one doesn’t really care about, Facebook is soon losing its importance. The illogical spam mails are the cherry on the top of a very disturbed cake, as I must put it.
And now, with the introduction of smartphones and numerous gadgets in our hands, Gen – Y has found new methods of communication without the boring status updates and random pokes from other unknown users. They are now on ‘WhatsApp’! An application where the smartphone users can connect to the internet and to each other via the internet connection in their mobiles! Now this is technology at your doorstep!
WhatsApp is the new thing in town. Today, we don’t text each other, we WhatsApp each other. The best part about this application is no hidden cost! So, now one can chat with each other without any extra cost! With an unlimited data plan or WiFi connection, one can say goodbye to spending money on an sms.
With ‘BBM’ being a part of any blackberry service, many ask why this service is better and more comfortable. The good news is, Whatsapp can be installed in the iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Nokia, so you have a larger network of contacts that you can send message to using this. The cool thing about Whatsapp is it allows group chat, and even more cool is it allows you to send MMS, that means you can send a photo, a video, and audio note, share a contact or share a location. So, a feature all in one is what the Gen – Y is moving towards.

Forget Facebook. WhatsApp is In!