Thursday, December 15, 2011

Love Me; Love Me Not

...because just a simple 'sorry' can make heaven turn towards you with open arms!

Call me an obsessed soul, call me a fan, call me a freak, and I won't mind. Yes I am a little lovey dovey super romantic person. I read romance and dream romance. For me, love is something that can conquer all evil, and also make miracles happen. If your love is true, selfless and forever, you can always move on with a smile on your face. I recently saw in a documentary that the amount of negative energy from a sad or an unpleasant thought is hundred times less than the vibrations from a beautiful and happy thought. So if we always show positive energy and deal life with a positive attitude, then nothing can even try to make us unhappy.
If there is love in your life in any form - mother, daughter, father, son, niece, sister, husband, wife, aunt, uncle, friends or even the people who you have met just for a little while and who have made an impression in your heart. Even if you have met them for a small while, and if their presence can make you feel loved, then their importance exceeds all limits.

Someone out there loves you!
Someone out there loves you!
I have been thinking about love and life a lot lately. I guess majorly because fights with people I had once considered best friends are a scene to watch daily. My new mantra is to ignore the wrong and walk towards the right, and if you think that the relationship you had with the person is worth all the efforts, then put your hundred percent in it! I would also want to throw some light on the fact that no matter how things get messed up, and how much they get messed up, if you have love in your heart for your own self, then I assure you that nothing can bring you down.
Just as I always say, Love, cherish, forgive and forget.
So if you have had any arguments, fights or misunderstandings, love yourself, cherish the person you knew, forgive their faults, and forget all wrong!  Now, why would you want to increase your own blood pressure when it isn't your own fault!
But just a short note; if it is your fault, don't be ashamed to apologize, because just a simple 'sorry' can make heaven turn towards you with open arms! 
Hope to meet you the next time, and I hope you have a smile on your face while reading my blog!
Will catch up later!