Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Humans......the competing race

Run Run Run! That's what life seems like sometimes. Person A came first, no! Person C has to try harder this time.
Once you sit down and think, it'll seem like life is just so that we can run ahead. So that we can compete. Have you ever thought that how much we compete in our everyday life? Well, every morning we get up, we compete to be the first ones to go to the washroom. Then, we compete with our brothers and sisters for the television. We compete at school for a rank in studies. We also compete to get that handsome boy to like "me" instead of "her".
In a wider environment, we compete against the birds flying high by making airplanes (well, atleast we try), compete against the fishes by making boats to cross the ocean. We compete with the whole outside world for inner peace.
Then, when we think about it, is it really helping? The airplanes are vulnerable to strong winds. The boats, if made with a little error can drown. If we could just sit, and other than thinking of competition consider it fun, an achievement, that's when things can come into perspective. Do not think of it like a boss being happy with what you have done, because then the remote to your happiness will be in his hand. Think of it like inner satisfaction.
When you are happy with your own work, you will notice that the world around will smile in your joy. Keep the remote to your happiness with yourself.
Life can have little bits of healthy competitions, but only take part in them if you know that THAT healthy is good. Don't just compete because everyone else is doing it, do what you think is good and never let go of that smile.
One smile can make all the difference :) 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

As Strong As Glass....

I was studying a small chapter on acids. While reading that chemistry chapter, I came across a sentence, 'Acids are never stored in metal containers, because they gradually corrode and eat up the metal container. Acids are stored in containers made of glass, as glass is not attacked by acids.'

So whenever there is a problem in life, and an acid comes to eat you up, stand strong like a glass. Even the metal corrods with the acid but the glass stays string.

Any fight that comes your way, don't sit back and ignore, stand up and fight. Be determined to win, just like the glass. Nothing can come in your way to destroy you if you have faith and will power.

Just as a song suggest :

Till the time you have faith in your heart,
This world is a lovely place.
In your heart keep fighting,
Everything's gonna be all right.