Monday, June 16, 2014


Given the board exams,

our brains, the human RAMs.
Finally the results are out
it’s time to scream and shout
with joy and laughter
the school is over, the close of a chapter.

Now we plan for university

career plans have a diversity.

The admission process is not so easy
entrance exams, not so breezy.
Competition overloaded
young minds hard at work.

But Alas! You did not do that right

A negative mark and the goal drifts from your sight.
Parents are worried, children are sad;
“What is going to happen to our young lad?”.

Soon these children will move away

To a city afar, a different day.
They are self built with care and love.
I can assure you now,
these gems will change the world! 

I hope you liked this short self composed poem! 
See you next time

P.s: Special Announcement!!!! This is the 50th post on my blog. I have finally made half a century (if this was cricket, it may have been a big deal). I genuinely thank all the readers for encouraging me to keep writing! :D