Friday, June 12, 2015

Maybe Someday | Book Review

“Sometimes in life, we need a few bad days in order to keep the good ones in perspective.”
Hey Guys!
I spent the majority of my yesterday, engrossed in a novel called 'Maybe Someday'. It is a novel written by one of my recent favourite authors, Colleen Hoover.
Novel : Maybe Someday
Author : Colleen Hoover
Genre : Romance/Contemporary Romance
My Star Rating : Star Rating (4/5)
Here is a link for Goodreads, that gives a better synopsis than I ever could (considering the fact that I may just reveal all the interesting details, if given the opportunity).
Personally, after reading Slammed and Point of Retreat I became a fan of Colleen Hoover's writing. Her writing style is easy, cheerful, it is usually in alternating perspectives but uses first person speech, and she uses her gift of poetry really well.
You go through the emotions that characters are going through. You smile, laugh and cry with them. I found myself in tears and laughing in hysterics at some points. There was light humour which was relaxing and relate-able. It never became way too intense that I had to put it down, and it never became open ended. It is continuous and has no breaks in the writing, and it is a fast paced novel. There is something happening every moment.
I definitely did not want to put down the novel even for a second. The characters that Colleen Hoover painted were extremely realistic and relate-able. The protagonists, Sydney and Ridge fell into place perfectly. They were shown to be like real humans with realistic flaws and imperfections, and with realistic perfections as well (considering a fictional world).
The novel did remind me of Thoughtless by S.C Stephens in a way, despite the story-line being completely different. I could feel that the underlying theme, the undercurrent of the story was quiet similar.
All in all, I loved the novel and I can't wait to read Maybe Not (Maybe #1.5) which features Warren, a secondary character from Maybe Someday who was possibly my favourite character (after Ridge) in the first book.
I hope you like it too!
Keep on reading.
Srish. xx

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